Art Inspired by Nature and Memories
My name is Talia Drury and I have a passion for art, design, plants, and nature!
I grew up in the midwest and moved only an hour away from family for my undergraduate degree.  I pursued my undergraduate degree at Iowa State University in Industrial Design with minors in both Business and Design Studies.  I am currently pursuing a MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in Furniture Design.  I find much of my inspiration from small, handheld objects, and I built pieces relating formally to these collected objects, as well as holding the objects I have found.

Artist Statement
Growing up in Iowa, my family has always been connected to the natural world.  My grandma would take me on walks around their wooded property, looking for clovers, gathering nuts and seeds, and talking about the different types of trees and their age.  Her knowledge of plants, collecting, and trees were inspiring to me, and this space became another world that was just a small wooden bridge away.  It led me to come to an understanding that wood was more than just a material.  It is a living entity that exists and has memories just like me, and deserves to be treated with respect and care.
I continue these excursions today and collect seeds, flowers, and natural materials reminiscent of my past memories within nature.  These instances of discovery and memory through small objects are the inspirations for my work. I pull details and information from found materials that seem insignificant but when amplified are unique and beautiful.  Detailed hand carving fills the botanical forms I create.  I focus my work in having a better understanding of what the natural world is, and how to continue to grow this relationship, not only within me, but within everyone else.  I hope to continue to look close within nature, to spot little details of flora and fauna that many might overlook.
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